Adults beginners' course


 Have you wanted to give this extraordinary sport a go?


Fencing is a vibrant combat sport that is suitable for any age. It helps you boost your metabolism and develop a toned body while having fun on the piste. Fencing is a strategical game, therefore, it is suitable for any body shape and height. Our professional coaches will provide you with all the knowledge for you to develop your skills. 


The session begins with a warm-up, which is extremely vital in any sport and leads to the footwork tutorial where you can learn to take on the "en-garde" position, fencing steps and most importantly distance-keeping. After the footwork is complete you can enjoy the best part of the session where you can fence on the piste with other beginners. All fencing equipment is provided by the club, you just need a pair of trainers and comfortable fitness wear.


The course intake will be a maximum of 12 people, so spaces are limited

The course is a  total of 6 week

Suitable age:16-60

A full payment must be made prior to the beginning of the desired course


Classes will be held on

Tuesday,running from    19:00-20:30   Ark Burlington Danes Academy-Wood Ln, White City, London W12 0HR

Friday,running from       19:00-20:30  Ark Burlington Danes Academy-Wood Ln, White City, London W12 0HR 


The results are achieved by those, who are fair to themselves and at least respect what he does.


   Why do we choose fencing?



Fencing is a unique type of sport. I invite you to join the fencing community, that is spread all around the world, and discover where is hidden the uniqueness of this respectable sport:


  1. It is a single combat which does not harm the body and the head as bad as the other sports from the same category. You can get few bruises for a single training or a competition (serious traumas and body damages happen extremely rare), but that is all.

  2. There are no age barriers-you can fence your entire life from 8-60 or even older. Fencing is also equally suitable for both men and women who challenge them selves and test their physical and tactical abilities.  

  3. You want to loose weight? Great! You won’t have force yourself. You just put on the fencing kit and the mask, enter in the match and while you are busy with the tactical fight, you don’t notice how you move back and forth as you are motivated to win. You don’t feel tired as your brain is busy with something else, and parallel to this you loose calories. It has been calculated that for one competition an active fencer can loose up to 1000 calories.

  4. You want beautiful and slim body. In fencing you use the muscular mass that you rarely use throughout a normal day.

  5. In addition of all the physical development you go trough you also change the way you think strategically and tactically.

 Forthcoming Beginner Classes



Tuesday (any) January 

  Fee: Old   £150.00

          New  £ 110.00


Friday (any) January  

  Fee: Old  £ 150.00

            New £ 90.00