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Every month, our club organised  a one free trial session. for those-who want to try Fencing  

   Any Friday from 11 of September  

  Tuesday from 15 of September


 For Kids 

 6:30 pm- 8:00 pm

    For Adult's

7:00 pm- 8;30 pm


Our location.

Ark Burlington Danes Academy,

 Large Primary Hall,

Wood Ln, White City, London

W12 0HR 


Du cane road gate entrance.

Car parking is available. Gates are locked at 10.00 pm. No pedestrian entry after this time. 

Adults Beginners'  Courses
Children's Curses
Fencing sport for schools
Private lessons

Angels London Fencing club


Angels London Fencing Club is a friendly and welcoming club that is open for all skill levels starting from beginners to advanced and performance level of fencing. Our classes are interactive and help boost metabolism and get the athletic body while you are having fun on the piste. 


Fencing is a sport that can be enjoyed by any person of any age or sporting ability.The sport has a linear nature so people who struggle with conventional sports such as rugby and football often excel at fencing as it places different demands on the brain and body.


About fencing 

Fencing is an extraordinary sport tracing its roots back to the development of swordsmanship for duels and self-defence. However fencing developed into a sport in the mid-18th century by Domenico Angelo who established a fencing academy here in Carlisle House, Soho, London in 1763 where he taught the art of swordsmanship. Today fencing is regarded as an unique sport and one of the first 5 sports to be played at the first ever Olympic games. Fencing leaves a multi functional positive effect on our body and mind. Try it and you will not regret it.


Membership Fees 2019/2020

    Salle Atomic Team 



Sessions timetable for members

Tuesday 6:30 pm-9:30 pm

   Friday 7:00 pm-9:00 pm


                Children Session                 Tuesday 6:30 pm-7;30 pm

    Friday 7:00 pm-8:00 pm


 One guest Visit

for experienced fencers £15


           Membership Program

             ''Regular Program'' £330 

     Three Month-- Unlimited sessions, 

        (4 Individual Lesson of 30 min)


            ''Start Program''  £90                          One Month-- Weekly 1 sessions,       


      ''Intermediate Program'' £195                  One Month-- Weekly 2 sessions, 

       ( 2 Individual Lesson of 20 min)


  Membership begins to operate from after payment and visiting the first session.

    One session last up to 2 hours.


      Full annual membership £

 Included Unlimited sessions, 2 lesson monthly up to 30 min.

    you can pay in full in September .


 The  exams,holidays and other events are not an excuse not to pay the club fees.

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 Club  News Line










          Stephen Haley

2nd place Royal Stennick

Adult in Sandvich


            Lachlan Sykes

3rd place Irish Open 


             Jessica Zhang

3rd place RAF Open Cosford 29/6/2019

             Chris Claves

2nd place Regional open    28/4/2019  

             Sofia Committeri

3rd place Regional open    16/3/2019  

             Inesa Soghoyan

6th place Invicta open   


             Inesa Soghoyan

3rd place Regional open     1/12/2018

            Harry Picton Tully

3rd place Sandwich open  24/11/2018

            Oskar Picton Tully

3rd place Sandwich open  24/11/2018

            Inesa Soghoyan

1st place Sussex open      26/10/2018

Angels London Fencing club in Ark Burlington Danes Academy

           Wood Ln, White City, London W12 0HR 

Du cane road gate entrance.

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