Children  Fencing Classes
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Winter Cup 2021  

Angels London Fencing Club  Level 2

We offer fencing sessions for children from age of 8-15. Children are divided into two groups, beginners and performance. 
The sessions are conducted by our professional coaches who have experience working with children and fully
updated DBS and Childcare Safety certified.
Our classes provide games to improve fencing skills such as coordination, technique and tactics. Children will be able to understand the blade work, footwork and distance control with an opponent. We are aware that every child learns at a different rate
and some children require more time to learn new techniques and skills.
At more advanced stages, children will be able to take part in competitions and camps to boost their skills further. We recommend our one-to-one private lessons with our professional coaches in order to develop their skills.
Fencing equipment is provided for free by the club for beginners. 
Children fencing in Angels London Fencing Club
Beginners' children course 

If your child has never fenced before and would like to give this wonderful sport a go, then this is the ideal course. This course provides all the fundamental techniques in fencing while having fun on the piste. Here we at Angels London Fencing Club will provide your child with all the fencing equipment needed for the session. 
Special Offer Spring Term

 Beginners' children  course
 for 7-10-year-old 
The class will start on  22/May.
6 session, Sunday
The class will start on 5
6 session, Sunday

 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm 
was £150 now £65 (Book)
Not more then 10 children in one group.
  Beginners' children course
for 11 -14-year old 
 The class will start on 22/May.
5 Session, Sunday 
The class will start on 5/June.
 5 session, Tuesday
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Was £150 now £75 (Book)
Not more than 15 children in one group
Children holding their awards
  Performance children sessions 
Level 2
If your child has fenced before and has completed the beginner's children session while continuously attending training, they can step up to the performance children sessions. The sessions are conducted with a focus on competitive fencing where children can develop their skills. We recommend additional private lessons to further develop a personal fencing style that would best suit your

 For 8-10 year old 
  6-12 session, Sunday
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

With the course certificate
6 Session
- £85 (Book)
 Without certificate - £130  (Book)
12 Session 
£160 (Book)
 Not more than 15 children in one group
Girl and Boy fencing Foil at a tournamen
Special Offer Summer Term
Beginners' children's course
  The classes will start on  12/June.
 6 Session, Sunday
for 7 -11-year old
Was £150 now £65 (Book)
for 12 -14-year old
Was £150 now £75 (Book)
 Not more than 15 children in one gro


The beginner's course starts after

payment and attendance at the first session, followed by 5 remaining sessions.

Exams, holidays and other events are no excuse for absenteeism, and you can lose a session.

Beginner courses are non refundable


Children fencing is currently divided into four different    age groups:


U9 - 

U11 - 

U13 - 

U15 - 



There is a variety of fencing competitions available for each age group. 

The main competitions are the Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS) and the Elite Epee Junior Series(EEJS)

For more information visit the

British Fencing website.

  Elite children group and juniors session
Level 3
Elite fencing is a programme developed for children and juniors that have high potential and are keen to attend all training and competitions set out. Elite fencers sessions are focused largely on upcoming competitions and camps. Your child will get a unique sports programme set out only for them that includes technical, tactical and physical training. 
(Membership required)

Membership Fees 2020/2021     


Sessions timetable for members


 for 8-12 year old 

   Sunday 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

  Tuesday 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



  for 13-15-year old    

   Tuesday 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Sunday 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm



           Membership Program


         ''Performance Program'' £350 

  Three Month-- Two sessions per week 

        (4 Individual lessons of 25 min)



               ''Intermediate ''  £260                   Three Month-- Weekly 1 sessions,

        ( 3 Individual lessons of 20 min)   




 One Month-- Weekly 1 sessions, 

       ( 1 Individual Lesson of 15 min)


Free Program'' £195        

Three Month-- Weekly 1 sessions, 

       ( 3 Individual lessons of 15 min)


 Membership begins to operate after

payment and visiting the first session.

The exams, holidays and other events are not an excuse not to pay the club fees.

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