Fencing for schools



We offer group fencing session for children from age of 7 as part of the school day or an after school activity. There is a variety of programmes available starting from schools that had never conducted fencing classes before to experienced schools looking for professional coaching. For more information about the programmes contact us below.


Our coaches have up to date  DBS disclosure, first aid, and childcare. Our head coach has worked with children for more than 15 years.


The sessions are fun and interactive, with constant supervision by our professionals.

Our coaches fill the sessions with many fencing related games to make them more enjoyable for younger children


Fencing is a safe sport as we provide all the equipment needed that meets FIE(International Fencing Federation) requirements to protect children.  For younger children aged 7/8, we use a smaller plastic version of equipment to ensure no harm is made.



Fencing at School

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