Private lessons 


Private lessons are perfect opportunity to develop an individual style that is suitable for you. One-to-one lessons will improve strategic thinking and are preferable for competitive fencers. Private lessons are vital to many current fencers as our coaches are able to notice and correct any technical mistakes and feedback on what could be improved in order to achieve better standards.


Lessons for both foil and epee are available to book online in advance. We recommend at least one lesson a month for beginners fencers and one lesson per week for competitive fencers.


Private lessons are key to achieving higher results as they focus on an individual fencer and their most successful techniques and tactics and helps to improve common mistakes that otherwise would be on your way to success. 


Private lessons are available for all levels of fencing from beginners and children to world-class fencers and are conducted by our professional fencing coaches that are able to help you develop a fencing style and tactics suitable for you. 


'The master gives all his knowledge, but only when the student is ready'

                                                              Georges St-Pierre


Fencers receiving a lesson from coach